Apply 5 Point Test To Start A Presentation

In my preceding article “9 Secrets To Better Beginnings Of Any Presentation”, I wrote about the importance of presentation beginnings and best ways to capture the audience’s attention, as opening is one of the most crucial elements of a powerful presentation. In this article I would focus on how to practise the openers with a 5 point test that could be applied to get into the actual presentation.

Effective presenters know that the beginning part of a presentation should take between 5 and 10% of the allotted presentation time. For one hour presentation, this is between three and six minutes. It is only 30 to 60 seconds for a 10 minute presentation. Although one should spend not more than 10% of the delivery time on the beginning of presentation, over half of the preparation time may be spent on honing and crafting for opening. The hardest thing a presenter is required to do is to START. When you want to travel, the hardest part is to just go ahead and go. But once you start, everything follows. Once the beginning is set, it becomes easier to jump start the presentation and get audience attention almost immediately.

Test whether your presentation opener has the following statements:

1. Impact Statement

An Impact Statement is a brief narrative summarizing the outcome of your presentation which creates strong support to proceed further. To create an impact with your presentation, the audience have to get the message. That means they have to be able to hear it and understand it. And to do that, first they must listen. So the very first step in this whole process is to gain their attention and then keep it, so that they listen, hear what the presenter say, understand it, and then they can be influenced by it which is, after all, the essence of impact.

2. Statement that arouse curiosity or suspense

Best way to arouse curiosity is by hiding or obscuring or veiling or hinting but never revealing. An example statement: “We are close to being able to file hyper-linked legal documents on CD-Roms. Only one thing stands in the way and that is my topic today.”

3. Statement through Question

If you want to persuade the audience to use Copy right legislation, starting the presentation with a question might do the trick. ” Is there anyone here who has not violated the copyright law ? “. Here you are making a statement that your topic is all about copyright law.

4.Statement about startling statistics

A startling statistic can be great opener. ” According to a national survey reported in the Wall Street Journal 82% of respondents say they access pornography on the Net at work “.

5. Societal norm statement

If your presentation subject is “Helping Children Learn to Work”, your opening statement could be”Are We Losing our Societal Norms About Work ? With children becoming more sedentary due to study routines, entertainment options and the like, it is more important than ever to teach the value of work. We parents face the challenge of needing to create opportunities to work rather than just having them.”

Finally make sure to establish credibility upfront with the following ABCD checklist:

-Attract audience straight away with a statement at the beginning of presentation

-Begin to deal with ingredients of your presentation after your initial statement.

-Come out punching. Get to the point with right statement. Your audience expect nothing less.

-Drive rest of your presentation with sub-statements.

Follow this 5 point test and check list for your next presentation and if none apply then it is better to reschedule that next presentation until you are able to create a dynamic opening.

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Flash a PowerPoint Presentation to a Blog


Put a link on your blog post to your PowerPoint presentation:

1.Upload your PowerPoint presentation to a website. There are a lot free uploading services on the web, like Yahoo Geocities, Google Page etc.

2.Copy the URL of the uploaded PowerPoint presentation

3.Create a link in a blog post to the uploaded file

Convert the PowerPoint presentation to flash and upload the flash:

1.Convert the PowerPoint presentation to flash with a conversion tool like PPT2Flash Standard from

2. Upload the converted flash presentation to a website

3. Insert the flash in your blog post with an “Object” tag. It is similar to the way you insert flash in a HTML page in Dreamweaver.

4. Publish your post


If you choose the first method, you should notice that the drawback of this method is that those who want to view the play have to download the file. What is more, if they do not have PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer, or if the PowerPoint version is too old to be compatible with your PowerPoint file, or vice versa, they will not be able to play the file.

If you choose the second method, your file can be played directly in an internet browser. Viewers do not have to download it.

Are You Stuck in the Past and Do You Refuse to Be Dragged Into the Present?

Do you reminisce about the good old days and do you long for them?

The past is the past, it has been and gone.

You only have the present and the future that you have control over, the actions that you take today will determine where you end up in the future.

Reminiscing about the past will only help In keeping you trapped there, and while you are trapped in the past it is impossible for you to be in the present, and that means that you are not planning of designing your future.

You are simply wishing your life away, and that my friend is an absolute waste of time and effort, and time is the most valuable commodity that we have, we should covet it more than diamonds and gold.

Hoping beyond all hope that you can go back to the way things were, and the worst thing about it is that you have probably made it seem far better than it actually was.

Change is inevitable, we either change or we get left behind, there is no other option available to us.

If you get left behind then there is absolutely no hope for you, you might as well lay down and wait for the grim reaper to come along and take you.

Life is about momentum, it is about moving with the times, moving forward, growing as an individual.

New experiences are there to be experienced, old memories are there to be remembered, not dwelled upon.

Do not remain stuck in the past, move with the times and play in the present.

The world is moving so fast that if you stop for a moment you can be so far behind that it will be difficult for you to catch up.

Embrace the present, it is a gift (maybe that is why they call it the “present” who knows eh!) be grateful of every minute that you have in these exciting times.

Life is short, and sometimes bitter and sometimes sweet, but it is there to be lived, live it to the very best of your abilities and savour every single millisecond of it.

Life will be gone before you know it, and you will wonder where all the time went, don’t waste your valuable time living in the past, spend your time living in the present where the ghosts of the past do not reside.