Can Past Life Regression Help Your Present?

Do you have an inexplicable fear of heights or insects or something you can’t quite understand? Are you prone to bounce from job to job or relationship to relationship, enduring similar cycles of disappointment and frustration? Even though you realize what needs to be done to improve your life, do you find it difficult to escape old habits that discourage you? Some may seek counseling to better comprehend their behavior, to varying degrees of success. However, one might wish to consider the possibility that problems occurring in life now could be residual of events that happened in past lives.

Reincarnation – What is it?

Simply put, reincarnation is the belief that the soul residing in one’s body lives throughout time in different incarnations, or people. A higher part of the being – the spirit/soul – survives physical death to reside in another dimension (often called the afterlife or other side) before returning to Earth in a new form. Different religious beliefs, including the Buddhist and Hindi faiths, acknowledge the concept of reincarnation under different tenets, and while Western thought is divided – some fundamentalist Christian believers dismiss reincarnation, while more liberal spiritualists may embrace the concept – references to past lives have appeared in our culture. Films such as What Dreams May Come and Dead Again rely on reincarnation as plot devices.

Understanding Past Lives to Help the Present

If you are of an open mind and wish to explore the possibility of past lives, psychic counselors are available to assist people through hypnosis or other procedures. Past life regression as therapy is used often to pinpoint a reason behind destructive behaviors – it is theorized that actions and decisions made in a previous life could have impact on the next. As the soul travels through incarnations, it may have difficulty breaking patterns necessary for growth. Somebody living today with a deathly fear of heights, for example, may be revealed to have died or endured injury from a fall in a previous life. Consequently, a vigorous anti-smoker today may have lived in a time previously where he or she smoked heavily and paid the consequences. The memory of that life could have carried over into the present, hence the adverse reaction.

One thing to note about past life regression therapy is that it might not be for everybody. Carefully consider all possibilities and caveats before seeking the assistance of a psychic counselor. For many professionals, hypnosis is not considered a parlor trick for entertainment, and if you are interested in regression it is helpful to approach the therapy with an open mind.

Achieving Business Success Through Different Methods of Negotiation

Negotiation is an interactive process in which the people on either of the sides engage, when they aim to resolve points of difference or reach an agreement. It is a form of communication created to reach an agreement when two or more parties have certain common interests and others that are opposed.

Negotiation is a vital part of striving for organizational goals. It occurs in business dealings, non-profit organizations, in legal issues or among nations.

Many executives think that they know the right way to negotiate. However in majority of cases, the business executives end up not achieving even near optimum results. Their poor negotiation skills incur substantial loss of quality and revenues and also increase the expenses.

There are many attributes essential for successful negotiations. Understanding your organization’s needs, prioritizing and contingency planning. There are many methods of negotiation. Perhaps full disclosure and integrity are the basis for effective negotiations.

Other methods of negotiation also require disclosure of your expectations, budgetary requirements and also flexibility. This creates a congenial environment for negotiations. Many professional negotiators believe that there should be exaggeration in professional dealings, which unfortunately leads to harmful consequences when you under deliver.

One of the best methods of negotiation is to disclose the historic data of previous events, so that the other party never doubts your credibility. Telling the facts in the very beginning of your negotiations build up the trust. A professional negotiator can play a pivotal role in building up a symbiotic relationship with the other party by understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Only when the negotiator and the venue are content about the developments, then only they can work better and effectively. The art of negotiation can be mastered not just through professional experience, but through a professional art of negotiation program.

An efficient business executive needs good strategies for negotiating better deals while making transactions. Good negotiation skills can make or break your business deals and are necessary for the success of your business. Hence, it becomes important to understand how to use the methods of negotiation effectively.

One of the best methods of negotiation is to know what the other party expects or demands. It is important as you can get as close to some middle ground. Negotiating a deal should be a win-win situation for both the parties and there should not be any place for ego clashes.

Some of the opposite party negotiators feel that they are great at negotiating. One can use this to his advantage and let the other party think, its winning which may let them concede a point or two in your favor, if they feel they are winning.

Other beneficial methods of negotiation include resisting your first offer unless it is exactly on the terms you had wanted. This may compel the other party to accept your terms and conditions. Pretending to resist offers may actually help you gain concessions. Methods of negotiation also include trying your newly learnt negotiation skills on smaller deals first. Then continue to build your skills on better deals.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Need a Remote for PowerPoint Presentations

A top complaint from audience members is that many presenters put too much emphasis on PowerPoint and technology while neglecting the message and interaction with participants. One way to deliver more effective presentations that improve your connection to your audience is to add a remote control to your presentation tools.

Why would one more piece of technology actually switch your focus from PowerPoint to your audience? Have you been distracted (or bored) as a presenter stopped the flow of their talk to pace back to the laptop to change to another slide or as they waited for a partner to move to the next slide? This is one of the 6 reasons why you need a remote for your PowerPoint presentations:

  • Break Down the AV Wall. Without a remote, you are limited to the area by your laptop which builds a wall between you and your audience;
  • Get Control. You never want someone else to control the computer while you have to keep saying, “next please” or flash hand signals. This approach breaks the flow of the speech, annoys your audience, and risks that your helper moves to the wrong slide;
  • Fewer Distractions. Use a remote to stop distracting others who watch you walking back to your computer to move to the next slide. Plus, a remote helps you maintain eye contact with the audience instead of looking at your laptop;
  • Smoother Animations. The impact and flow of most animations is lost when you run animations manually from your laptop;
  • More Professional. Presenting without a remote takes away from the professionalism of a presenter and directs the focus to the technology (or to the lack of tech-savvy if anything goes wrong);
  • Cool Factor. Okay, maybe not a key justification, but a remote is a nifty and useful addition to your technology tools.

With a presentation remote control, you can more effectively and smoothly deliver an electronic presentation and communicate your message. That said, even though I am a huge fan of remotes, you always want to know multiple ways to navigate with the keyboard while delivering a PowerPoint presentation. Keyboard commands may sometimes be faster or at least give you a backup plan.