Personalised Number Plate: The Ideal Birthday Present for Someone Turning 30

The years ending with ’0′ have always been deemed a ‘big year’. (with the exception of turning 21). It’s the end of a decade; a chance to look back at your achievements and look forward with high hopes and expectations.

It’s also a chance to give and receive gifts. Turning 30, 40, 50, 60, 70,80, 90 and 100 are all years worth celebrating. Each one a milestone in themselves.

Buying gifts for someone turning 30 can be a strain. They generally have enough resources to buy themselves what they want. The ideal present: A personalised number plate. Regardless of car type, make or model, a personalised plate could just be the right birthday present.

Why? It’s a little bit different. There are trends to show that presents of a personal nature, like photos mugs, calendars and canvases are growing in popularity. These make ideal gifts. But a personalised number plate really stands out as personal gift.

Have you a relative turning 30? If so, use the following names as creative thought:

1. Kate

A wonderful English name. In fact, it is the name of the future Queen of England. If you’ve called your daughter after Kate, Catherine or the Irish version of Kathleen, then these plates could be ideal for you.

  • K30 ACF
  • KAT 33B

2. Caleb

A name that has grown in popularity over the years, Caleb is a great name. The Kings of Leon front-man has brought a new love for the name. So consider this plate as a name:

  • K30 ACF

3. Kelly

A wonderfully bright name.

Her own plate:

  • KE11 YCX

Normal folk

Celebs are in the newspapers constantly but as you and I both know, up and down the streets of UK and Northern Ireland, there are boys and girls turning 30 throughout 2012. It’s a big year for them too, even if they don’t live the public eye.

Buying a number plate to celebrate their past achievements and hopes for the future is the ideal gift. Nothing else quite says you’re unique, than a number plate. Some ideas to include on their personalised plate include:

  • Think names
  • Think hobbies
  • Think year of birth

And for those of us who are a little older than 30, the people turning 30 were born in 1982.

So as we celebrate royal 30thbirthdays, take some time to think what you’ll get your special person on this important year.