Flash a PowerPoint Presentation to a Blog


Put a link on your blog post to your PowerPoint presentation:

1.Upload your PowerPoint presentation to a website. There are a lot free uploading services on the web, like Yahoo Geocities, Google Page etc.

2.Copy the URL of the uploaded PowerPoint presentation

3.Create a link in a blog post to the uploaded file

Convert the PowerPoint presentation to flash and upload the flash:

1.Convert the PowerPoint presentation to flash with a conversion tool like PPT2Flash Standard from http://www.sameshow.com

2. Upload the converted flash presentation to a website

3. Insert the flash in your blog post with an “Object” tag. It is similar to the way you insert flash in a HTML page in Dreamweaver.

4. Publish your post


If you choose the first method, you should notice that the drawback of this method is that those who want to view the play have to download the file. What is more, if they do not have PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer, or if the PowerPoint version is too old to be compatible with your PowerPoint file, or vice versa, they will not be able to play the file.

If you choose the second method, your file can be played directly in an internet browser. Viewers do not have to download it.